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TOPIC: Balancing practice - the need for restlessness

Balancing practice - the need for restlessness 19 Mar 2019 20:45 #110896

So ... following on from the discussions on Having Answers, I have been thinking about the seven factors of liberation - Mindfulness, Concentration, Investigation, Energy, Joy, Equanimity and Tranquiliity. It occurs to me that some practices are really heavily focused on one factor rather than others. A very partial and incomplete list would be:

1. Mindfulness of Breathing/Feelings/Mind States/Experience
2. Concentration on objects to develop Rapture/Bliss/Spaciousness etc
3. Investigation of Sensations/Mind States/Self/God
4. Kundalini, Chi Qong or Yoga (and maybe walking) to develop Energy
5. Loving kindness, compassion (or shamatha of the dimension of space) to develop Joy
6. Renunciation and Relinquishment to develop Equanimity
7. Wisdom to develop Tranquility

If you practice one factor really hard, then of course you develop well on that factor, and the other factors all improve a bit as they are somewhat related. But then if you wind up with an A on investigation, and a C- on joy, your practice will be quite unbalanced. And the more you cling to the investigation component, the more likely you are to get stuck. My observation is that I see a lot of this, including amongst those claiming high attainments.

So I wonder if we need a .... map :lol: :evil: ... of how to move from one practice to another, or how to restlessly change practices to balance all the factors of enlightenment. Economists would call this balancing investment across options to the point that marginal returns are equal, as an alternative to over-investing to the point of heavily diminished marginal returns. Or at least, we could extend the technical type of analysis done for vipassana to the other six states ...
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