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TOPIC: Preparatory practice for practice

Preparatory practice for practice 27 Aug 2019 17:39 #111462

As all musicians know, practice is fundamental. I’m often interested in ways meditation and the many techniques and practices that exist can inform musical practice, and occasionally vice versa.

As well as meditation, I practise music every day. I’ve been thinking about how I can focus my practice so that it is as fruitful as possible. What techniques do people know that can be done to begin a practice session to prepare for what is to come?

One I’ve been playing with recently is tonglen, “sending and receiving”, as seen here:
I’ve been doing it for just 3 minutes with the guitar in my lap before I start practising properly. 3 minutes obviously isn’t much to go very deep into it, but the idea is that I hope it will colour my practice session with the spirit of compassion and kindness, and can settle and concentrate the mind. I chose it because I liked the idea of playing a concert in which I could take all the suffering of the audience into the music, and shine out kindness, joy, peace, vitality, love, happiness, inspiration and all good vibrations in return.

Any suggestions or comments?
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