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TOPIC: BG Catch Up

BG Catch Up 02 Jul 2013 09:37 #13105

In driving to/from the cottage this weekend for Canada Day, I was able to do a bit of catch-up on the Buddhist Geeks podcast. I have been remiss in listening, but it is an unfortunate side effect of his other BG projects that the podcast is not quite as frequent as it used to be. Nonetheless, I was thoroughly entertained by 8 of the 9 episodes I listened to.

First, there was an interview with Ramez Naam about a book he wrote called "Nexus". Cool sci-fi with a contemplation twist. This was followed by a very interesting discussion with David Levy on mindfulness in the digital age. Both these guys were super interesting guests, with a lot of cool things to say. Needless to say, "Nexus" is on my TDL for reading.

Next up was a two part interview with Mike Redmer, the guy who wrote the ReWire meditation app. Again, a very interesting interview because I share a lot of commonality with Mike's views and interests. I had used ReWire when it first came out, but then stopped. The new version is much smoother, and I ended up using it several times during the weekend. I plan to work it into some concentration practice for the next few weeks, and see how it goes. I had a good chat with Mike at the BG conference last year, and hope to have more of the same this year.

The next was a sleeper with Ronald Purser on mindfulness that was dangerous to listen to while driving.

First up on the way home was another two-part interview, this time with game designer/contemplative Jonathan Blow, who talked about his two latest games, Braid, and The Witness, and how his contemplative life influenced their design. Really, really interesting.

And lastly, a two-part interview where Vince and Rohan were being interviewed for a radio program, giving their perspectives on the raison d'ĂȘtre of Buddhist Geeks and the app Buddhify. Interesting, but not ground breaking.
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BG Catch Up 02 Jul 2013 09:42 #13106

Yeah, I do miss the good ole days of the BG podcasts, but I am still entertained by some of the chats. I actually expected the chat with Vince and his wife to be a full on ad for Life Retreats but it turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought, and described my whole practice very well.

I read Nexus about 6-9 months ago, it's fun, but if you are looking for something really fun with a very deep message, its more on the fun side :)
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