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TOPIC: Two questionson mudras

Two questionson mudras 28 Sep 2013 04:23 #15104

So, I've begun doing some energy accumulation practices; after a while, I noticed that mudras seems to have a lot of potential in that regard, in particular those involving palm of the hands onthe souls of the feets, and palms on the heart/navel; however, a common pattern in the psysical body seemstobe "taking in things that are useful ang taking out things that are not", so, question one is, is there some problem involved in spending a lot of time in mudras?

I remember having heard of someone saying something like "If you use mudras, you prevent energies from getting outside, but you also preventyou from taking energy from the outside enviromnment"; however, since mudras seems to have energy accumulation effects, I was wondering, maybe we send out a lot more energy than we take in?
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Two questionson mudras 28 Sep 2013 08:50 #15105

I haven't used mudras very much at all. But my overall advice with any type of energy work is if you are going to do an energy work practice, do it correctly and completely. Follow the curriculum in a good book or learn from a teacher who knows the system well, and don't just muddle around with it. The reason being that unbalancing the energy body through incorrect practices can lead to a lot of physical or emotional discomfort, even health problems in extreme cases.

The second best alternative if you don't have good guidance on a balanced program is to do nothing with the energy body. Left alone, it will naturally balance itself. It's a bit like the immune system or other body systems that way - with a basic healthy lifestyle it will normally maintain itself in good function. If you start messing around with it, you throw the system off.

Some people are more sensitive to this stuff than others and have fewer side effects from experimenting than others. I was very sensitive myself, and caused myself unnecessary suffering from playing around with energy-raising practices. When I finally took a qi gong class and learned to allow the energy to just rebalance itself in a more natural way it really calmed things down and became much less of a rollercoaster.

Your mileage may vary.
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