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TOPIC: Quick tricks for improvement

Quick tricks for improvement 14 Apr 2014 00:02 #19230

Does anyone know any quick little things one can do to positively benefit their experience? I'm finding these can sometime be good for getting into a sit, as well as just good all around.

I've been using one where I lick my lips for about thirty seconds while trying to relax. Supposedly the lips have the highest concentration of nerves connected to the parasympathetic nervous system. I've been finding it helps me get into sits as well as relax and enjoy in general.

Another one along the same lines I've heard of is four deep in and out breaths - stops the production of cortisol.

And one more that I've been doing is 'power posturing', where one stands as tall and straight as possible, looking slightly upwards, and puts their hands on their head for a certain amount of time, then switches to hands on hips, and then improvising. This is supposed to cut cortisol production and increase testosterone production.

I've done it a couple dozen times over the course of three days and it seems like it could be working. I've had a lot of diffuse anxiousness, and at the very least it seems to bring attention to subtle things about my posture that are then observable, and they've gone away under sustained observation. One of the big ones I noticed was afterwards I was much more aware of my upper body and the tendency in my shoulders to tense up - they became saturated with a coldness and a coarseness, an uneasy sensation. But the composure it did bring to it made these differing factors easier to observe
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Quick tricks for improvement 14 Apr 2014 06:15 #19231

Sometimes, I'll just sigh. That's a good, short technique for getting a little composure. Raising the posture is good, like you mentioned.

Leaning forward or backward also helps. Mostly I do very minor adjustments so it feels like I'm sitting within experience itself, regardless of whether it is a positive or negative experience.
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Quick tricks for improvement 17 May 2014 04:43 #19680

If you count breaths against distracting thoughts, this might be helpful - it was for me:
Many people see breathing in pairs, starting with an inbreath (1 inbreath and 1 outbreath). They count like this: inbreath, outbreath 1. Inbreath, outbreath 2.
It seems people get distracted quite easily in the pause between the outbreath and the inbreath, since this is a longer pause then between in - and outbreath. So, when you start the count, 'see' this pair as startingwith the outbreath and ending with the inbreath and count 1: outbreath, inbreath 1. Outbreath, inbreath 1.

Someone recommended this and I can't remember who, but it worked for me. Somehow, by linking those breaths in reverse, the longer pause is no longer a distracting part.
However, stop counting when you feel you can keep mindful of the breathing without getting distracted any more.

Hope, this helps you, hope I explained it properly. :blink: :blink:
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Quick tricks for improvement 17 May 2014 04:47 #19681

Something else; when I get distracted I kind of say to myself, on an outbreath "Let goooo", as if I give a gentle permission for the thoughts to disappear.
Or I visualize holding my head in my hands (kind of like a loose head) and that head is quivering because of the restlessness. I then hold - in this visualization - my head very firmly but kindly between my hands until the quivering stops. It's kind of weird, but it's useful for me
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Quick tricks for improvement 17 May 2014 10:02 #19686

A friend of mine swears by shaking, something he picked up from an Osho Youtube, before going into his regular meditation.
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