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TOPIC: Enlightenment, how does it feel?

Enlightenment, how does it feel? 03 Jul 2014 07:35 #20342

Are you determined to get enlightened, but wonder what it must be like? Well, I am. As a little girl I was already looking for'it'. I didn't know what 'it' was, but I was always looking for it. I even wanted to become a nun at one time, but I hadn't heard about other religions then Christianity. And Christianity, even though I tried, wasn't 'it'. So,I gave up my dream that I would ever find something that would fit with my views of how 'it' was supposed to be. To finally realize that 'it' did exist and felt completely right, was more beautiful then I can ever put into words.
To help me continue and not give up, I love to hear about people who - I am sure of it - were to some (high)degree enlightened and were probably arahants or non returners. People in 'our' day and age. like Dipa Ma (thank you, Joseph Goldstein, for mentioning her once in a talk), Webu Sayadaw and Miriam de Saram. Who? Miriam de Saram. I don't think she is as well known as Dipa Ma, but reading about her journey is as exciting as Dipa Ma's. Here is the link to more then 100 letters she exchanged with her meditation master.
Miriam de Saram
These letters were written over a period of years when she was well in her seventies.
Sunday Times
There is only one store who sells the book 'Freed Freedom' by Neville Fernando, here:
Freed Freedom
but so far they don't respond when I'm trying to order it, so I'm happy I've printed all the letters, so I can still read them.
The beauty - for me - in reading about her and Dipa Ma is, that they were no monastics, but 'ordinary' women, who lived as lay women, had children, did household chores. And of course, they were women :cheer:
And of course, the Therigatha is wonderful too. I mean, how cool is it when you are working for decades towards enlightenment and one day - as a very old woman - you fall down while climbing up a mountain and you stand up... Enlightened!
Hope you'll like it as much as I do. If ever someone has a copy from " Freed Freedom" and wants to sell it; please let me know, it would be a lot better to read a book then hoisting around a big folder with 70 printed pages.
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Enlightenment, how does it feel? 04 Jul 2014 03:39 #20353

I read this book about Dipa Ma a while ago... it's a bit of a hagiography but I very much enjoyed it and find her an inspiring figure
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