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TOPIC: Welcome to the Kenneth Folk Dharma forum

Welcome to the Kenneth Folk Dharma forum 24 Apr 2015 14:30 #98472

This forum is a place to discuss hands-on techniques and conceptual frameworks for contemplative development including notions of classical Buddhist awakening/enlightenment.


Be kind and respectful to others.

Be intellectually honest. (Learn what that means here.)

Talk about your own experience rather than speculating about the experiences of others.

Be open. This forum is for growth; if you believe there is One Right Answer, this forum is not for you. We are learning together, and the inquiry is open-ended.

Own your ideas and opinions. Acknowledge that your opinions are not universal facts, but simply your currently held views. Grant others the right to hold views that conflict with yours.

Respectfully and firmly call out others when they violate these guidelines. Together, we create the culture of this site.

Moderators for this forum are Kenneth Folk and Chris Marti.
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