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Like REALLY FUCKING HATING AND WANTING TO RIP SOMEONE"S THROAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the hell realm. :) etc.

Otherwise, it's simply intellectual. People with an intellectual approach will just have shallow training and will always be "back-analyzing": looking backward at what just happened and quickly trying to diagnose and figure the fix. They can describe the practice in great detail, explain all the insights one should have, etc etc.

But people who work on fully embodying and feeling the realms will have a certain "radar" built into their body and so they intelligently know when the smarmy, entitled, prideful god mode starts taking over their body and they will have experienced many times what happens to a god (the subtle denial of dukka, the pervasive avoidance, the separation from the real human world, the superficial relationships, how the god's ignoring blindness leads to a tragic downfall, and how the so-called "friends" of the god realm will abandon you when times get tough so the whole thing was a joke because here you are with no god realm and no friends either, at least humans will sorta keep their friends in bad times...)... and so when the "superior" attitude starts creeping into the body, the body-mind has been rewired and automatically knows "LOOK OUT!" "BE CAREFUL!" and doesn't fall into the trap. So there is much less tendency to be fully born in the realm.

Obviously the same thing is true for all the realms, the first body feeling of pre-anger, pre-greed, pre-resignation, pre-clinging, pre-ambition...

Again, the intellectual will be slow on the draw. They will only wake up when they are completely born in a realm, feeling things go wrong, and then will search their memory for what it could be... and then will need to fight their way completely out of it. So, even though it seems contrived in a way, this kind of mental rehearsing and visualization is really effective. Just like an grand salom ski athlete that visualizes each turn of the course and evokes how they lean, power into the legs, carve around each pole...

Does that make sense? We're training our body to not be reborn within a second or two.]]>
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WUTYL: Karma and Dismantling Belief - by: Tom Otvos
Personally, I was pointed to this because of my "god realm" tendencies, specifically around the "I am right" posture that I take, often. But it is very helpful to be aware of the others, because I can see them too in myself and others I am close to.

That said, I am not sure about the meditations. There is very little guidance here, and maybe that is ok. Maybe you just need to sit with each of these for "a while" and explore how it resonates with you. But really, it that all there is? In his email newsletter, he actually discusses deeper practices around the realms, like literally spending a whole day as though you were a god or titan or whatever. And then spend the next day being the exact opposite. And repeating that for a week. I honestly can't see doing that without being strangled in the process, so maybe it is just as simple as sitting with it.

I find the hungry ghost imagery very provocative: always hungry but with a mouth too small to consume anything. I picture Dementors, for some reason.]]>
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