Author Guidelines

Welcome to the AwakeNetwork magazine, and thank you for being a contributing author. In this short document, we’ll provide some guidelines for content, mostly related to format as opposed to substance. As AwakeNetwork members, we are already confident that the content you will be creating will be more than appropriate. But just to restate the obvious:

  1. Please keep the content on topic, namely, awakening and dharma. This should not be your personal blog on LOL cats, or YouTube “fail” videos.
  2. Notwithstanding the “personal blog” guideline above, feel free to cross-post articles from your personal blog. We claim no ownership of the content provided.
  3. Please exercise right speech.
  4. Please abide by the other AwakeNetwork terms and conditions.

The intent of the magazine is to provide a vehicle for longer-length “articles” on various topics that would not really be appropriate in the forum. The magazine is publicly visible, so if you are relating personal practice details, be sure you intend them to be publicly visible.

Commenting will currently be enabled, although limited to users of the site. But clearly there is overlap between comments on articles, and the forum, so if the comment stream gets a little unwieldy then by all means, defer to the forums. You can elect to close off comments if need be, but this should be rarely exercised.

The magazine, as you have probably discovered, is driven by WordPress. These guidelines are not the right place to teach you how to use WordPress if you have never used it, but there are a ton of outside tutorials, starting with Please use them. Other than that, all you need to know to get “into” the authoring system is to click on the links on the sidebar. The “Author Dashboard” gets you into WordPress, and the “Write Article” will send you directly to the authoring subsystem. Don’t forget to click “Publish” when you are done. If you want to save your work but not publish it yet, click “Save Draft” instead.

A number of categories have been created for your articles to help group things for our readers. If you are unsure where to put something, then put it into “Uncategorized” and an administrator will look after putting it somewhere relevant.

Since the expectation is that articles will be reasonably long, I would like to point everyone to a specific formatting issue: “read more”. After your first paragraph, it would be appreciated if you put a “read more” break before continuing. This is on the editing toolbar beside the “ABC” spellchecker. The point of this is so that when your article is displayed on the front page, only the first paragraph is displayed, making it easier to display a bunch of article teasers for readers.

In summary, thank you very much for wanting to contribute something. Hopefully this will grow into something useful.


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