This is my online mediation journal, posted in several parts. It was originally posted entirely on Kenneth Folk Dharma on the dates you will see on each post listed below. This was the first online journal started at KFD. Kenneth Folk somehow talked me into the process. There were times when it felt naked, raw, and too personal to be posted on a public forum on the Internet. I did it anyway, under what is essentially my real name. Hopefully, it helped encourage many of the succeeding online journals that followed and that continue to be started and maintained today, on the new KFD, here on, and in other places online.

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This essay was originally published on the old Dharma Forum Refugee Camp Blog, which is no longer published online.

I know I’m not alone when I say that it may be time to give up on the antiquated models of the stages of awakening in favor of something that lines up more closely with reality as we know it today. The Four Path Model and its spinoffs are rooted in philosophies and worldviews that no longer mirror our own. Outside of the discipline of meditation and its associated result (i.e. awakening, realization, release, etc.), there are some very down to earth descriptions of the ways in which human beings develop competency of a particular skill.

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This article originally appeared on A Little Death Blog. It has been lightly modified for publication here:

I was at a short retreat at a Buddhist center one weekend in early 2011. The practices that weekend were diverse, including sitting meditation, walking meditation in nature and in the temple, cleaning and cooking, and contemplation of texts. The teacher explained that when he suggested contemplation of specific texts, this did not mean thinking about the text or analyzing the text. It meant reading the text and resting in the experience of the meaning. The reading could be done freely – that is, reading the text over and over, or pausing on a specific phrase and repeating that gently, immersing oneself in the experience of it. This practice of immersing in a text is called lectio divina in contemplative Christianity.

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Welcome to AwakeNetwork magazine, a collaborative “blog” where our members write about whatever is important to them, or share wisdom that might be important to others. While the scope of articles is wide-ranging, the root topic is “awakening”: what does it mean, how do you get it, how do you know, and now what? It is hoped that these articles will help you on your path, wherever that may be leading you.

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