Problemness, No Problemness

Just for fun, I thought I would write about a part of meditation practice that has always given me trouble. Over time, I worked out a general approach that helps  me keep practicing. Although I personally tend to map this domain using the Theravada “nanas” map (the Knowledges of Suffering --- including Fear, Misery, Disgust, Desire for Deliverance, and Reobservation --- through Equanimity), I’ve generalized it enough that I think the ideas are fairly universal and familiarity of that map isn’t necessary.

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Chris' Journal - Part 1

This is my online mediation journal, posted in several parts. It was originally posted entirely on Kenneth Folk Dharma on the dates you will see on each post listed below. This was the first online journal started at KFD. Kenneth Folk somehow talked me into the process. There were times when it felt naked, raw, and too personal to be posted on a public forum on the Internet. I did it anyway, under what is essentially my real name. Hopefully, it helped encourage many of the succeeding online journals that followed and that continue to be started and maintained today, on the new KFD, here on, and in other places online.

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Chris' Journal - Part 2

 Struggling through, slogging through, second and early third path. Lots of odd visual and auditory stuff showing up. Trying to lead a somewhat normal home and working life while being dragged through the practice by unseen tidal forces.

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Chris' Journal - Part 3

Starting to feel emotional "heart" oriented effects of the practice. Questioning of the value of the process. Nirodha Samapati experiences continue accompanied by Kenneth Folk's advice and counsel. Playing with jhanas, finding new ones with some frequency.

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Chris' Journal - Part 4

The practice begins to change on its own, becoming less process oriented and points to deeper, emptiness oriented "stuff." Struggling with some personal and family issues makes the value of the practice evident, reviving faith in the process.  Mind becomes enamored of simplicity.

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