AwakeNetwork survives on the donations of its members, as well as the bank accounts of the admins.

While there have been a few out-of-pocket purchases for things like domain names and key software components which were covered by the admins, the only real cost of running AwakeNetwork is the hosting, currently $12 USD per month. This hosting fee is pretty modest, yet still gives a decent performance profile for our current level of activity. If you are looking for hosting, by the way, we strongly recommend A2 Hosting. They give great performance (on SSD drives!) at a great price, have really excellent uptime, and provide exceptional support when you need it. If you want to try A2, please use this link to help us out even further:

Try A2 Hosting

In an effort to keep members aware of how their donations are helping, the thermometer at right will show the current funding status relative to the amount of money required to keep the site operational for one year. (The graphic is a little goofy when we have more donations than are required...for clarity, just look at the percentage at the bottom of the thermometer.) If you are a member, and you see the thermometer dip to a level you are not comfortable with (something significantly less than 100%), please help out by contributing a month of hosting. Together, we can keep this resource going as long as people need a place to discuss modern dharma practice.

Thank you!