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I was trying to find this topic the other day and couldn't remember what it was called. Thanks, Noah, for posting on it so it popped to the top.

So repeating what I had posted in my journal thread: 

Super recommended movie: My Octopus Teacher. A serious, geeky, intelligent man hits his bad midlife crisis and works through it via a remarkable relationship with a wild octopus. Seriously. It's a documentary (he is a cameraman by profession and grew up diving). Really intense and insightful. 

To add: the reason I thought of recommending it here was the scene early in the film where the man says "The water here (off the coast of South Africa, where he is from) is about 8 degrees celcius. I knew I had to do these dives without a tank and without a wetsuit, to really be a part of the environment and experience the dives in a more intimate way. It takes about a year to get used to the cold. And then you start to like it."  He dove in the same place daily for a year, following the life of this little octopus he discovered. I realized it was very much like a hardcore meditation practice for him. 
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1 week 16 hours ago #114058 by Tom Otvos
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I was surprised to see this on the Oscars after Chris (or someone) mentioned it here a few days prior. Never heard of it, but am very interested to watch it now.

-- tomo

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