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hello everyone
I haven't posted here for a long time as I'm taking a bit different path now....i'm meditating seriously for almost two years now i think. with maybe one month off. Lately I started having these weird blood surges while I was in bed. especially when I wake up in the morning and still lying in bed. it just feels like quick wave of blood through the body, but it doesn't feel so good, actually it kinda feels like the body is falling for a second if you are lying down. In the recent days im starting to feel this throughout the whole day, and it is accompanied with this slight feeling of imbalance, like a really mild dizziness. its centered mostly in the head actually.
Im kinda worried about this and I dont know if I should see a doc or what. has anyone ever had this phenomena?

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Sounds like it could be an inner ear issue. I lived with similar symptoms for decades, then I saw an allergist and it cleared up. Of course you should have a doctor check it out, but it sounds like inner ear stuff to me.
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That feeling of falling thing as you sleep is classic pre OBE symptoms. THey say it is something like your consciousness separating from the body. Since the conscious mind has no way to really understand that kind of thing from a physical perspective, it often translates to a feeling of falling for many. My guess is it is you being a bit more conscious of interesting things that happen as you fall asleep, things that happen often but you were not consciously aware of them before. I also sometimes get a big woosh feeling right as I am falling asleep. Often it feels as if a big wind is blowing through my head from one side to another. All kinds of interesting sensations can be felt if you are maintaining a bit more consciousness as you fall asleep. Since they are new experiences and the fear of the unknown seems the norm for humans, that weird stuff can be a bit spooky until you get used to it. You may also find that your own emotions both good and bad will come up and need to be dealt with a bit. Sometimes primordial fear comes up and is a hassle that you will need to deal with in order to relax. My advice is try not to stress over it too much.

As for the dizzy feeling during waking, if it's LIKE being dizzy but is not really being dizzy, ie you are not actually in danger of loosing balance and falling over, but it sorta like that but not quite, as if the mind has no way to interpret a weird feeling so likens it to being dizzy but that isn't quite right either, then I have had that feeling and still sometimes do. I used to get it more but it seems to have abated now. Nothing problematic ever came of it other than moments of feeling a bit weird.

However, you are not me and I don't know how your mind and body works compared to mine, so getting ears checked may bring peace of mind.

Caveat, I don't have much mediation experience, I've only done it like 10 times and that was years ago, and I have little familiarity with all the apparently jillions of meditation teachings and terminologies. So I don't know if this kind of thing is covered in any of those teachings. Personally, I come at it more from experience of many of the new agey pass times and experiences and just mind exploration in general, which means I come at it from a slightly different angle. Perhaps you could say I come at it with more experience and knowledge on the 'distractions.'
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