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Within a single thought-moment, an entire believed reality is created, complete with space, time, subject, object. This is the only space in which actions or story occur and in this space there is causality, there is free will.

Of course this space is illusory, but to deny its existence, is to use the Absolute to blind yourself to the fact that the Relative arises just the same as sights, sounds, sensations, smells, and taste.

To become dis-illusioned with thought created reality is to wake up, but to deny its existence is delusion.
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This paradox is hard to wrap the head around, isn't it? The question of whether free will does or does not exist does not apply. It's impossible for symbolic consciousness to grasp, but the heart can.

"This world, Kaccana, for the most part depends upon a duality - upon the notion of existence and the notion of nonexistence. But for one who sees the origin of the world as it really is with correct wisdom, there is no notion of nonexistence in regard to the world. And for one who sees the cessation of the world as it really is with correct wisdom, there is no notion of existence in regard to the world." Buddha SN 12.15

I agree with what you are pointing to. There are many who use the ultimate as a sword, denying causal reality - not very practical, even if it is empty.
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